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Humana.Mente – Journal of Philosophical Studies, issue 8

Posted by vera tripodi su febbraio 3, 2009

Dear all,

I am proud to announce you that
Humana.Mente – Journal of Philosophical Studies, issue 8
Models of Time
edited by Roberto Ciuni

is now available at:

Philosophy and logic of time have increased as having a
number of application to different fields: philosophy of
physics, logic of agency, indeterminism, metaphyiscs and
computer science among others.
“Models of Time” aims at offering a synoptical view on such different problems, with the following contributions:
Papers by:
Alberto Zanardo
Peter Øhrstrøm
Nicholas Denyer
Roberto Ciuni
Emanuale Coppola
Stefano Di Bella
Claudio Calosi
Richard Davies

Book Reviews:
Craig Bourne
Nuel Belnap, Michael Perloff, Ming Xu
Emanuele Coppola
Kit Fine
Yuval Dolev

Arthur Prior
Richmond Thomason
Richard Gaskin
Ted Sider

Conferences Reviews:
Eidos Metaphysics Conference, Geneva, 15-18 July 2008
ECAP 6, Krakow, 21-26 August 2008

Interview with:
Mauro Dorato



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